27. kesäkuuta 2012

Keskiviikko 27.6

Today we were supposed to go to the beach with Kevin, but he was tired, again.
Well, I just sat on the computer and decided to read. I read about two hours but I only
got through like 30 pages. It is so slow to write down so much. Mur..
I am tired of reading... And I don't know if I already said it in here but I found
last psychology matriculation examination test from the spring, and it was so hard. I should know so much
and adapt information, when I read it though, I knew nothing. I just can't 6 essays in 6 hours. And THAT kind of questions. I'm never gonna survive it.
I feel like what courses have I taken cause Iäm sure it's not psychology...
Seriously, hard hard hard never gonna make it. I don't even know where to find answers to
those questions though I already know the questions.

.... Well anyway, when I got off I went to the beach by myself, swan and sunbathe, I came back here and here I am. I'm actually making food, now I need to go check it.
After a while I'll be watching Portugal-Spain game. Both my favourites. But I think I'll cheer to Portugal.

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