21. kesäkuuta 2012

Thursday, game night!

We didn't go to the beach today, I think Kevin was tired so he didn't want to.
I had already put my bikini on and I was a bit disappointed. Well, maybe on saturday,
when Kevin's friend Matteo is on the beach too, I know Kevin wouldn't miss it for the world.

And though we stayed home, I only studyed like 30 minutes. I HAVE BEEN SO LAZY!
I'  abit angry to myself because I haven't done almost anything to get a good grade out of psychology or Swedish...

I have been a bit sad 'cause, well, everything. I'm here, there is no one special with me here, and
everyone is going to celebrate Mdsummer in Finland, doing great stuff, drinking, having fun. I don't see my boyfriend and especially that is driving me crazy. Small relief have been HIMYM, I love that show now, I have watched almost four seasons already...

Tonight I'm gonna go and watch Tsekki-Portugal game, but I don't know where, I guess I just have to go and wonder around looking for a cafe with TV. And there is one stupid thing about coffehouses, I have to pay like 2,5 so I can get a coke. That is ridicilous, I could just go to sumermarket and but two big ones with that money!

Okay, enough of the whining. I'm just gonna go see if I find a good cafe of a bar, and if I don't I come here or go to the mall nearby and watch it there! :)

Ps. I got a sweet post card from my grandmom today!

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